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Audit Remediation


Close Material Gaps

Since 1997, CodeGnome has worked with all the Big 4 auditing firms and others to close 100% of all material gaps. All findings are resolved quickly, ensuring your current audit or retest is successful.

Right-Size Programs

Cybersecurity programs are often constrained by budget costs. We help companies prioritize limited resources to meet requirements in cost-effective & sustainable ways.

Strategic Audit Response

We work with outside auditors to reclassify gaps that have allowable business justifications, mitigating controls, and systems that can be descoped in order to pass the audit.

Balancing Risk & Cost

We design and deliver controls that meet or exceed your auditors' expectations, but with a focus on "the simplest things that could possibly work." We can dramatically lower enterprise risk without impacting your CapEx & OpEx.

POA&M Management

In the federal sector, Plans of Action & Milestones (POA&M) are often accepted as interim controls for meeting essential audit requirements. We deliver valid, measurable, and auditor-approved POA&Ms.

DevSecOps Integration

We don't just advise you on how to fix your problems. Our hands-on security subject matter experts can design, deploy, and validate technical and administrative controls that can be automated for ongoing compliance.

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